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About Us

Green solutions for a blue planet

Our Mission

To support innovation in the food supply chain within the context of a circular bioeconomy.

Our Story

We are passionate about the use of agri-food by-products as a source of environmentally sustainable, high value biomaterials for innovative food products, supplements, pharmaceuticals, personal care and packaging applications.

We believe that this must be achieved due to the continuing pressures on the environment that result from a growing population.

We have a broad range of expertise that encompasses food, environmental and biomedical sciences which can be used to support the discovery or development of new products and evaluate their performance and safety.


Research, consultancy and training in food safety, quality and authenticity; packaging and bio-based materials; bioactive ingredients and functional foods.

Specialist services in bioaccessibility, bioactivity screening, bio-nanotechnology and immunodiagnostics.

We are keen to network and collaborate to ensure successful partnerships and original solutions.


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